Competency Development
DOTECON has been invited by some companies to develop Capacity and Competence development programs for Staff and Contractors of these companies. The capacity building events are aimed at embedding HSE culture and values in these companies as well as introducing HSE best practices in the company's operations and businesses.

HSE Management System
DOTECON has developed a typical HSE MS which is an integrated Health, Safety and Environmental Management System and has been consulted by companies needing to develop such systems to assist in customizing HSE MS to their assets or facilities. These documents have been benchmarked with ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and OHSAS 18001 standards and are guarantteed to earn these companies their certification and verifications.

If you need our support, we are ready to partner with you as we believe that "excellent delivery creates excellent opportunities".

2010 Acheivements
  1. Conducted Environmental Public Awareness Master Plan (EPAMP) for NESREA, an Agency of Federal Ministry of Environment.
  2. Expert Critique of NESREA Guidelines and Standards on Telecommunication and Broadcasting Industry.
  3. Expert Review and Critique of NESREA Guidelines and Standards of Base Metal, Iron and Steel Manufacturers and Recycling Sector.
  4. Conducted Environmental Compliance Audit for HYPERIA Limited Internet Base Station and Mast in Lagos.
rolled up diploma on a table