We shall observe the HSSE policies of our clients. Where none exists, we will help Clients develop and embed such in their system. We will also comply with all applicable regulations except where the guidelines or standards are less stringent than ours. We shall consult our clients, host communities and all stakeholders in our business environment as required by our contract. Our ultimate aim is achieving good neighbourliness and license to operate in a safe manner, environmentally sustainable way and health wise adopt prevention than curative approach.

We can only work in a secure environment. Where there is no security, securing the environment takes precedence of our HSE Policy.

HSSE Commitment
As a responsible social economic entity, our organization is committed to upholding our HSSE principles and we are individually responsible for everybody's safety and security in our development and operational business environment. The top leadership team shall act as leaders and not managers. Our leadership is exemplary and participatory.

Stakeholders Consultation
The organization is committed to identifying all stakeholders in her business and regularly engage and dialogue with them to ensure industrial, community and regulatory harmony in the execution of our businesses. We believe that effective engagement is cost saving and creates enabling environment for improved business performance.

Local and Nigerian Content
Being a limited liability and international partnering company, our partners shall be proactively engaged and educated on Nigerian Content Directives. These shall form the basis for memorandum of understanding to be signed before we jointly execute any project or job.

When it becomes necessary to have foreign experts to work in Nigeria, we shall apply according for approval from DPR and relevant authorities. As of now, we have partners in US and UK. See our Organizations structure.

List of Key Staff
  • Dr N.S Isinguzo
  • Dr. S.A Bello
  • Dr. Mathew Wegwu
  • Dr . M. Oladun
  • Mr Ben Nwaogwugwu
  • Pastor John Nwachukwu
  • Mr Patrick Nwamadi
  • Ayaunor Ogechi
  • Udofia Victoria
  • Mr Ukama Emeka
  • Mr Nwagwu Charles

Consulting Partners
  • Prof. I J . Chidubem
  • Prof. C.T.I Odu
  • Prof. E. Osibanjo
  • Dr Jerry Nwankwo
  • Prof. G .C. Okeke
  • Prof. O. Alikwe
  • Mr Kola Agboola (UK)
  • Engr Chika (USA)
  • Ken Heap (UK)
  • Butcher B (Australia)