Training is offered in the following areas:

Safety and Health
This includes; Unsafe Act Audit (UAA) Hazard Occurrence Communication (HOC) Safety Audit, Hazard Operability (HAZOP), Hazard Identification (HAZID) Health Audit, Health Inspection.

Environmental Management
This includes; Environmental Awareness, Baseline Studies, Post Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, Social Impact Assessment , Waste Management (Inventory, minimization, control, recycling and disposal). Emissions, inventorisation and monitoring (air and effluent).

Risk Assessment
This includes; Health Risk Assessment, Fire and Explosion Risk Assessment, Ergonomic Studies, Sanitation Inspection.

Stakeholder Management
Includes; documentation of Management Plan, Stakeholder definition, Identification and Analysis, Communities as Stakeholders, Stakeholder mapping, Issues Management, Successful Engagement Strategy and Criteria, Social Responsibility, Community Assistance, Community Development and Sustainable Development.

Research and Development
This includes; Technology research and transfer, Nigerian content development, capacity building and monitoring, Skill acquisition, Talent hunt e.t.c.

Agro based Development
Includes; Bioremediation of polluted soils, Rehabilitation of aquatic environment and Ground water contamination and treatment processes. A forestation and green house gas management. Biogas development and utilization etc.

Human Resources and Industrial Relations
Includes; Interpersonal management, Communication, Conflict of Interest, Techniques of Staff Assessment and Appraisal, Principles of Industrial Unionism, Management of Industrial Strikes, Conflict Resolution and Management e.t.c.

Practical Communication Skill
Includes; Photography, Video Recording, Audio Visual Documentary, Production, Scripting, Voicing, Sound Effect, Directing e.t.c.
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