DOTECON Nigeria Limited is a technology and consultancy Company designed to render services to a wide group of businesses in oil and non oil and gas prospecting and related Industries. It is incorporated under the COMPANIES AND ALLIED MATTERS ACT 1990 and is limited by shares. It is managed by a Board of Directors and a Chief Executive Officer. DOTECON's Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Policy requires every individual and staff to follow a systematic approach to HSE Management within the business environment. Facilities within DOTECON business environment include and will not be limited to:

  • Offices and Office Equipment
  • Government regulatory approved laboratories
  • Transportation systems (water, land and air)
  • Laboratory equipments
  • Worksites and offices
  • CLIENTS' work fields and sites

Activities on or at these fields and sites will depend on the nature of business of our CLIENTS and the Consultancy or Technology expected to be delivered by DOTECON Nigeria Limited.

Overview and Objectives
This HSE MS describes the processes and activities that are to be managed with respect to HSE objectives for the successful delivery of DOTECON Technology and Consultancy services.

The objectives of this document are; providing a framework for saving life, protecting the environment, limiting damage to assets, and upholding the image of DOTECON Nigeria Limited. It focuses on processes and systems to ensure and assure that proper and adequate control measures are put in place and their performance monitored and reported regularly in a transparent manner. It will also ensure that continual improvement is measured and that HSE best practices are applied.

The other major objective is that DOTECON intends to use this HSE MS as a spring board in developing for CLIENTS standard and verifiable HSE MS and HSE cases. The language and style of this documentation is therefore doing and prescriptive.
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