Many Organizations make the mistake of focusing their vision on ambitious goals without being aware of important facts such as knowing the socio-economic and environmental factors that support their businesses. Knowing the facts help them determine which direction to go and what should be achievable goals. This lack of knowledge arise from unclear assumptions and unfocused or ill scoped project base and has led many Companies to overlook the need for stewardship support. Many Companies overlook opportunities to partner with other Companies for fear of competitiveness.

Our Company reframes from unwholesome competition. We offer supportive stewardship and joint venture partnership. Our strength is on professional partnering and total success in achieving our collective ultimate goals. We are born out of this observation to bridge the gap and partner together with other Companies to achieve our collective goals.

Our Vision is to make your vision a reality. We do it by knowing the facts of your vision, where you are now; where you want to be, and we help you plan and proceed to achieve your goals in a safe and cost effective manner.

DOTECON (DO Technology and Consultancy) is determined to offer excellent services in safe and sustainable moral and ethical standards and in comparative cost effective manner. A proactive corporate social responsibility approach is paramount in securing local content and social license to operate in any community and environment. We intend to partner with our Client in their Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) policies and programs implementation. We also identify with the security (S) policy of our client. We also identify with the Management Systems (MS) of our Client unless in situations where not required. The respect and preservation of our Clients' business integrity, professional ethics and values are our core policy drivers. We emphasize the business integrity of our local, regional and international foreign partners.

DOTECON (DO Technology & Consultancy) is committed to providing quality professional and cost effective value for money services. The integrity of the personnel involved in our Company is a stake on our corporate reputation and therefore we lay emphasis on high performance and deliverability to our Clients, especially on deadline driven projects and services. We encourage ourselves to succeed in every expectation of our Client that we have signed to deliver.

Excellent Delivery creates Excellent Opportunities.
The slogan is a motivator in keeping us focused on business and creating better opportunities and buy in to our excellence in business principles and work ethics.

Our Organization
The organization chart shows our key consultants who not only participate by actually hands on but coordinate and supervise engaged consultants to deliver quality and excellent products and services to our Clients. A few Curriculum Vitae are also attached for your verification. Our Organization is not static but is expected to change from time to time with the magnitude of roles and responsibilities we receive from our partners and Clients or Customers.

Our Standards
Our standards are your standards made better by one level and best practices. We simply take your standards, benchmark them and provide you comparatively higher standards. To do this we have to raise our own performance and delivery standards in every sphere of business and in every environment we decide to work in. We work with Local and International standards and where there is a conflict the geographical and local standards supersede the international standards. Our standards' policy is to comply with the most stringent regulations and standards of our Clients. We have the network and international spread that gives us the leverage to any international standards and we have experience partners with various International Standards Organizations (ISO) Certifications. We also have experts with huge experience on managing issues related to local contents and licence to operate.

Our Methods
We listen to our Clients, we understand the issues, we analyse the problems, we advice, we fix and we solve the problems. How do we do this? First we get the right (experienced) people for the job, service or consultancy. They bring their experiences which include successes and failures in other areas to give ultimate positive impact and value added to business. We save unnecessary time and cost thereby reducing wastages for our clients. Again, we think of sustainable ways, safer ways, cost effective measures that guarantee efficient and effective deliver of goods and services.